08.01.2015..in the news

Our project Jenergasse is making headlines.

TLZ 08.01.2015

A rather large article about this project grazed the headlines of the Thüringer Landeszeitung on the 08. of January.

Briefly concluded the article had the following content:

The oldest alley in Jena is the Jenergasse. For many years, any attempt to fill the existing gap site failed....until Jena Immobilien König took charge of the problem and worked a small miracle. In cooperation with the architects office Sens Bramey Jena SBJ GmbH the site will become home of a beautifully constructed residential housing with commercial units on the ground floor. So the plan...



The archeologists are on the move!

The new project Jenergasse takes shape. The subterranean vaults are being inspected and unknown riches discovered.

Right after that the construction of a beautiful new residential house with office space on the groundfloor will commence.

New Website

Jena Immobilien König GmbH is proud to present the new company web site. From January 20th 2014 we are available with new layout but still at the known address www.jena-immobilien-koenig.de.

The english part of the web site is still on its way. We apologies for the delay and hope for your patience.