Our janitorial service

Not only the management of a propertys is a matter of trust.


In order to professionally execute the management of a property, to guarantee immediate response in case of disorder and to keep in mind the weal and and woe of both the property and the tenants in the residential units, a capable caretaker is absolutely of the essence.



The "Jena Immobilien König GmbH" is a capable management specialist, because exactly this premise is given. Our motto is: On the spot it is always the caretaker who is a reliable source to implement a smooth management. The caretaker team is solidly integrated into the company and always operates in close ties with the property management.

Our Caretaker services includes all activities, necessary to conserve a flawless overall condition of the property and preservation of its value. 

Independently, our team takes over not only the control of all visible pipe systems, water drains of gutters as well as heating, bell and lightning system, but also ensures, for example, the monitoring of the house rules.

Wether it is street cleaning or winter service, garden or green area care or help with removals... the caretaker of "Jena Immobilien König GmbH" are competent, prudent and always friendly.

Is there a need to clean the stairwell, keep the basement clean or someone is needed, who takes care of a responsible and reasonable time procurement of dustbins... this also is part of the caretaker work around the object.

A fence needs maintaining, little paintings or repairs are needed... little mending keeps coming up? You can entrust the caretaker of the "Jena Immobilien König GmbH" with all these things.

24-hours-service: Within the frame of the caretaker emergency service, our team is online for help. May it be a broken waterpipe, power outage, heating failure, blockages or any other emergency situation, qualified personnel will be contacted.

Reliability, prudence, efficiency and excellent handling with customers are prerequisite and credo for the caretaker service of "Jena Immobilien König GmbH".

We look forward to your inquiries.