In  Jena, excellence in sciences and high-technology translates into excellence as a place of residence. Highly qualified and dynamic enterprises as well as performers of all trades and industries

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Living in Jena

The people residing here in Jena illustrate its potential. Citizens of Jena are well known for their open-mindedness,their precision and their determination both private and business. People residing

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Culture [ lat. "Colere"= reside, build, cultivate, worship] characterizes everything mankind is willing and able to create given all circumstances. The citizens of Jena, willing and able to think

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Throughout time, Jena has been taking pride in exploring high technology. Jena University, found some 450 years ago as a Protestant university, never fails to take new scientific ideas into

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Ranking number one Scientific- and Technological Centre in Thuringia, Jena has the ambitious goal to exercise national influence by strengthening the region of central Germany.

Jena ist setting

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High Tech

Jena`s successful approach to combining sciences and economy is almost proverbial; far more then one third of all patents given out in Thuringia are originated in Jena.

As the economic stronghold of

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The Friedrich Schiller University left its mark on Jena. More than 25000 Students are currently enrolled at this astounding university with its superb international reputation. Moreover, some 4900

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